1. Take the ENG 2 Practice EOC here: (Answers located at the end of the document).

2. Poetry Unit Question Considerations:
EOC questions and tips
Which line from the poem describes the speakers feelings about loving someone?
  • Look at the question before reading
  • Annotate the text while you read
  • Reread the poem again and look for diction and details that reveal tone

Which word could replace reverent in lines X?
  • Use context clues and prep by studying weekly vocabulary
Which lines from the poem support the theme?
  • Identify the theme in your own words
  • Look for details that tell you the message of the poem

How does the author's use of rhyme scheme enhance the theme of the poem?
  • TOUGH QUESTION-Here's a general explanation
  • Rhyme sets the tone. It can be playful with nursery rhyme or limerick. Not all poems need to rhyme, free verse for example but they still carry a rhythm or they simply ramble. You could use rhyme to sound sarcastic or serious
In line 18, what is the meaning of the phrase "clasping remembered beauty"?

How has the speaker changed between the first and the last stanza?
  • Try to visualize the speakers facial expressions when reading the first stanza and then the last stanza
  • Identify the tone in the first stanza and last

How does the speaker's cultural background affect her perception of noon-time workers of New York?
  • Look for hints about the speaker's cultural background and perception
  • See how that changes the meaning of terms and concepts

What does the speaker achieve in the poem with her description of New York?
  • Look closely at the description and see what influence it has on your comprehending the text

How does the speaker's point of view affect her perception of the bustle of New York?
  • 1st person, 2nd person, or 3rd person
  • What is the effect of point-of-view (please see fiction section for more information)